I’m a woman of a certain age – 50 years old and then some. The big birthday was August 23rd, 2012. And now the journey continues.

Tuanis: This is the barely visible word on my t-shirt. It’s from Costa Rica and is another way of saying “Pura Vida!” which is another way of saying “Life is good!” It comes courtesy of my dear friend Jacquelyn S. To being a woman in my 50s, I say, “Pura Vida!”



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  1. jsandone says:

    So happy to see you are wearing your Tuanis shirt on your blog!

    Language-contact lesson of the day: “tuanis” (which is only used in Costa Rica, as far as I know) comes from the English “too nice” and is used to describe someone or something that is better than good, maybe even too good for words. When used to describe that special quality that makes life too good for words, “pura vida” and “tuanis” are interchangeable. Isn’t that great? What a perfect attitude for turning 50.

    Pura vida Ann. You are tuanis!

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