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On the precipice of turning 50 and then some.

You’ll be fine, Ann — Carry on and you are a writer.

The “writing process” — a topic of endless conversation amongst writers and the topic of this post. I hope you non-writers will stick around too. It all began when a wickedly talented poet and dear friend, Jacquelyn Grant Brown, invited … Continue reading

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“Seemed like a good thing to do when I turned 50…”

Or in the words of Bruce Springsteen, “I ain’t nothing but tired. I’m just tired and bored with myself.” I watch her as she tilts her head ever so slightly, scrunches up her face,  and looks at me as if … Continue reading

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My Act of Motherhood: I kiss you good-bye. And then I cry.

Sunday is Mother’s Day. I’ve never celebrated Mother’s Day as a mother. However, this weekend I will take the stage in St. Louis, Missouri, and tell my story of being a mother. I will begin by talking about the yellow … Continue reading

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“So… I noticed you let your blog go.”

Sadly, yes. I created this space mired in the excitement of turning 50 years old. I envisioned it as a place to narrate the countdown to the big day – August 23, 2012—and the adventure that the first year of … Continue reading

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Turning 50: How to do it?

Everything becomes a metaphor for turning fifty. Even this blog. I’m obsessed with it. First I couldn’t stop looking at it, examining it in all its beauty and grandeur. Then it sort of became ordinary looking to me, lost its … Continue reading

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The dreams of an almost 50-year-old

From today’s Facebook post: Last night I had an erotic dream. My ardent suitor won me over with a promise of “the perfect place to take a nap.” Could this possibly be about turning 50?

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The Birth of a Blog

Scooped! Writer friend, Cindy Zelman announces the birth of my blog, FIFTY SHADES OF TURNING FIFTY, before I even get a chance to launch it! Stay tuned folks…



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